The Story

"Books became my closest confidants, finely ground lenses providing new views of the world."
Paul Kalinithi
Doctor, Author of "When Breath Becomes Air"

Nathan Notes is a literature-inspired personal growth vehicle focused on converting knowledge into action. It utilizes a 3 step process: learn, reflect, and act. This simple process fosters a sense of intellectual curiosity, and gives you the freedom to engage in thoughtful and meaningful reflections as you put new knowledge about yourself and the world around you into real life actions. 

The concept of Nathan Notes traces back to the summer of 2017 when I first read “Give and Take” by Adam Grant. I was inspired by the content of this book and began taking notes, writing inspirational quotes, stories, questions, and other key takeaways. I continued this process of engaging with books over the next few years as I read over 100 books. After accumulating knowledge, notes, and ideas from these impactful books, I wanted to extend beyond a word document or google doc. I wanted to share these ideas with the world and stimulate meaningful personal growth and reflection for others as well.  And then came Nathan Notes…

Nathan Notes is not book summaries. It’s not a compilation of “how to” guides to improve your life. It’s a membership-based library full of individual Nathan Notes modules, separated by book, distilled down to the most important content from each book. In each module, you will find a short video book discussion, powerful quotes, reflection questions, and suggested and personalized action items. In Nathan Notes, everything is about YOU- your learning, your reflection, your growth. The goal is to dive deep in learning more about yourself and the world around you, and to convert this knowledge and self awareness into actionable steps, making a difference in your life and the lives of those around you.

Each unique Nathan Notes module is designed to be completed in a half hour or so (the time of one Netflix episode).  I believe in the power; in fact I KNOW the power of Nathan Notes. I have lived it; it’s changed my life and I’m certain it can change yours as well. Luckily for you, you have nothing to lose. Every membership is backed by the first month complete satisfaction guarantee- $5 down for a standard membership (regularly $10/month) and $10 down for a premium membership (regularly $15/month), and if you aren’t completely satisfied, you will be refunded your money and on your merry way. Over time, the library will grow as you grow and while I can’t guarantee that you will learn to fly, time travel, or defy the laws of gravity, I can guarantee that by approaching Nathan Notes with an open mind and an eagerness to challenge yourself, you will gain valuable insights to further your growth journey. 



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