Powerful Features

Luigi Time is a simplified attendance tracking software for all employees and visitors.

No more paper sign-ins; payroll becomes easy to process and businesses can track movement between geographical sites. Businesses can personalise the system to cater to their needs. Luigi Time is easy to set up, record and track access to all business sites and gives real time information.

Unlimited terminals

With the Luigi Time terminal you can connect as many terminals as you need.

Unlimited Locations

Manage your work sites with the location feature including restrict access to a location. With Luigi Time you can connect as many terminals as you need.

Offline Mode

Don’t lose your time clock when your internet connection goes down. Once your internet connection returns, the information will sync into your account.

Emergency evacuation

Send instant evacuation messages by SMS to all “guests” currently on site.

Devices Integration

Your team members can use Luigi Time mobile app on any smartphone platform. Track your employee time and attendance, and integrate it with your payroll process.


Use Luigi Time’s mobile geolocation to ensure your employees are where they should be, every shift.

Unlimited Employees

Bulk import employees by CSV template. Manual add also available.


Generate complete reports from Luigi Time and export as Excel or PDF file.

Photo identification

Easily identify your employees and visitors through your photos in Business Dashboard.

Why Choose Luigi Time

We've designed Luigi with a very clear objective in mind: help both managers and team members work better with each other through improved communication and collaboration tools.

We love creating solutions that bring people together and help them reach their objectives faster.


Choose the pricing plan that suits your requirements



Limit up to 5 employees

Limit up to 2 locations

Access to all reporting

Free Range


Up to 100 employees

Unlimited locations

Visitor access

Unlimited reporting

Unlimited sign in

Unlimited teams

Unlimited visiting companies

Bulk employee upload


More than 100 employees

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